Why Should You Consider Using A Recruiter Exclusively

Looking for a new job is often a daunting situation, particularly if you are under pressure to find a new position suddenly or if your current role is making you miserable. However, whilst it may seem natural to send your CV out to several vacancies and recruiters, have you considered the benefits of a legal recruiter exclusivity?

What is recruiter exclusivity?

This is when you agree for one trusted recruiter to find you a job in a specific time frame such as two weeks.

What are the benefits?

At Thornton Legal we work closely with many clients and have a fantastic working relationship with them. In turn our clients trust that due to our efficiency, experience, and expertise they will get the benefits of receiving top-class candidates from us for their vacancies. As such, when a recruiter puts your CV forward, they are likely be given priority attention. However, without exclusivity, a recruiter may hesitate to put you forward, particularly if you are actively applying for several other roles and don’t have any control over where your CV is going. This is due to you being viewed as unreliable, in relation to showing up for an interview or accepting the role, which may affect the recruiter’s reputation with their client.

With exclusivity, the recruiter’s priority is you and they are invested in finding you a role that meets your expectations. At Thornton Legal we solely focus on the legal market. As legal recruiters we take the time to get to know you on a personal basis to better understand your needs. This means you will be represented accurately to clients, and we will only focus on the roles we feel suit your needs. 

Exclusivity saves you stress and time. The researching of roles and companies, applying for several jobs, and preparing for interviews and meetings will all be left to us. The recruiter will be there to provide advice and guidance along the way ensuring your time can be invested efficiently in preparing for jobs you actually want. This ensures you only interview for roles you want and often leads to a better performance which may secure your dream role faster.

Finally, if your CV arrives at the same firms via several recruiters, it shows a lack of control and dis organisation on your behalf if you don’t know where your CV is going. It also doesn’t reflect well on the recruiter that they haven’t established this information. Thornton Legal will always discuss roles with you and get your permission before approaching any firms, therefore avoiding any duplications. With recruiter exclusivity, you are rare, which permits the recruiter to use their knowledge and expertise to negotiate a higher salary confidently on your behalf, reflecting on your current market value.

Ultimately, do your research. Find a recruitment agency that understands the market and specialises in your field. Only agree to exclusivity if the recruiter has spent quality time understanding what your job needs are and can confidently demonstrate how they will represent you to their clients. Pick up the phone and chat to us or meet up with us to discuss your job needs. Rest assured all approaches are confidential.

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