Interview Confidence In The Legal Environment

Everyone gets nervous for an interview. It is only natural.

However, it goes without saying that employers are attracted to those who show confidence and enthusiasm in their interview. You need ensure what’s on your CV comes to life in the interview room.

We have put together five tips that will help ignite your self-confidence in an interview.


If confidence doesn’t come naturally to you, the best way to be confident is to prepare. The better prepared you are, the easier the process. A good way to prepare for an interview is to have a generic answer or example to common interview questions (specially competency-based questions!).

It is impossible to know exactly what questions you will be asked, however the majority of interviewers follow the same formula, starting with ‘Open-ended Self Descriptive question’ followed by questions about ‘your career to date’, questions to identify ‘how you work’ and ending with any questions you have. 

A good starting point is to prepare an answer for common interview questions. Instances of your teamwork, communication, suitability, leadership, organisation, time management and a difficult situation, can go a long way in answer a number of different interview questions in a number of interviews. For example…

  • Tell us about a time you when you demonstrated teamwork?
  • Tell us about a time you have dealt with a difficult situation and how you overcame it?
  • What experiences have most influenced your career choices.
  • How do you go about organising your time and assessing your priorities?
  • Describe a situation where you acted on your own initiative.

to mention a few…

Preparing for a number of interview scenarios will go a long way in calming your nerves and confidentially answering the questions.


If you haven’t done the appropriate research, it is going to be hard to confidently show interest in the firm and opportunity. If you thoroughly research the company, its culture and values it will help ease your nerves. Here at Thornton Legal we make sure our candidates are equipped with valuable information about the employer that other attendees won’t have access to.

Positive thinking 

Positive thinking helps you feel and act confident. Don’t doubt or think negatively, instead think of all the skills you have to offer. Consider how they can be applied to the role you’re interviewing for. Show these transferable skills with examples of work you have done and how the same strategy can be applied to this role.

Ask Questions

A great way to show you are confident and engaged is to ask questions. Remember, interviews are a two way process.

Body Language

Body language is considered the most important aspect of communication as it sends signals to how we are truly feeling. In Summary, maintaining strong eye contact, a firm handshake and a relaxed posture, will visibly show that you are confident, comfortable and interested in the role.

Whatever you do, do not fidget! It’s distracting and is a sign that you’re nervous. Don’t look at the floor, it come across that you’re disinterested.

Do keep your arms open, It visibility shows that you are at ease. And remember to smile when appropriate!

Interviews can be a daunting experience, that doesn’t come naturally to everyone. If you follow the above five pointers, it will be sure to put you at ease and ignite your self-confidence.

At Thornton Legal we will guide you through the entire recruitment process, including supporting and advising you through the interview stage. If you are ready to kick-start your job search, get in touch.

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