Is It The Right Law Job For You?

Many firms across the legal industry are finding it increasingly difficult to secure the talent they need. There are simply too few lawyers for the number of jobs available.

Because quality candidates are so in demand, now is great time to explore new employment opportunities. If you do take the plunge, you may find yourself weighing up several interview requests and job offers.

But how do you know which job is right for you? Here are some factors to consider in your search.


For many candidates we work with, salary is an important factor when considering a new job. However, salary alone should not be a reason for looking to make a move. The employers benefit package, culture, flexible working policy, annual leave entitlement etc can also be of huge importance especially when consider the role long term. It is also important to consider the career progression and salary progression within the firm, both short and long term.

Career Path

When considering whether to accept a job it is not always about the ‘here and now’. If you are looking for a move that will progress your career further and you have a career path in mind it is important to consider whether this is something the firm genuinely offer. Do the firm provide training and professional development? Look at how other employees have progressed within the firm since joining to help you weigh this up.

Firm culture/ Work life balance

Increasingly when speaking to candidates about making a move to a new role the culture of the firm is a big consideration. What is the culture of the firm in relation to work life balance? Is there any option to work from home? Is there a flexible working policy? This can make and break a job move particularly for those with families and childcare responsibilities so make sure you get to grips with the firms’ policies before deciding. Also consider the commute to work and be honest about how long you are prepared to be sat in your car or on a train to get to work.


You spend most of your time in the week at work so who you work with is a major consideration. The workplace environment is often the reason many people look for a new role in the first place so during the interview process ask questions about who you would be working with and the makeup of the team. Is there an option to meet the team and have a look around the office?

Your Boss!

A good boss can make and break your employment experience. If you don’t get on with your boss, it can make going to work very difficult. It is important during the interview process to try and get a feel as to whether you think you would get on with who you report into. Could you see yourself working with them? Is there a personality fit? To help you answer these questions you could ask the interviewer why they chose to join the company and what they like about the company too to gather an insight into how you would fit into the team and role. This gives the chance for the interviewer to talk about themselves and why they work there which stands in good stead if they speak enthusiastically about their role and company.

The Interview Process

A seamless and organised interview process gives a good indication of how the company work and how important you are made to feel. Organising interviews quickly and providing flexibility as well as prompt feedback and decision making can often be a good indication of what you may experience working for their company. 

Overall, any interview is a two-way process. It must be the right hire for the employers but ultimately the right move for you too.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions! Not only does this show your interest but it is the opportunity for you to gather as much information as you can first-hand.

Do your research! Look at the company’s website, team profiles, news and blogs and ask anyone in your network for their experiences.

Finally, trust your gut. If you have doubts and it doesn’t feel right often there is a reason why. Sometimes candidates are apprehensive about making a move especially if you have been in your current role for a while but sometimes a leap of faith is needed, and it can end up being the best move you have made.

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