Why Interview Feedback Matters

Recently we received a testimonial from a job seeker who, although unsuccessful at interview, still appreciated that we provided them with feedback.

‘’Thank you for the feedback. Whilst obviously I would have liked the application to go further, it’s something really positive that for once feedback is given. That’s a real considerate thing that most companies or recruiters do not do, so I thank you for that”.

A constant (and understandable) gripe of job seekers is when they are ‘ghosted’ by a recruiter or law firm and that this has a hugely negative impact on any future relationship. In the age of social media and on -line reviews, it’s crazy that law firms are still not taking the time to send a few sentences as to why a job seeker was not the right fit for the particular role.

An interviewee takes time researching the firm, rehearsing scenarios and potentially taking time off to attend the interview so it’s poor form when they only receive a generic automated email weeks later telling them nothing other than they were ‘unsuccessful’.  It’s never nice to give someone bad news, but it’s the right thing to do – constructive feedback can only ever be beneficial.

At Thornton Legal we make sure we provide all our interviewing candidates with feedback as honestly as we can. Of course, this all depends on the information we receive from our clients, and some are definitely better at giving feedback than others! We know that giving feedback is respected and is important for long lasting professional relationships.

No matter how difficult or time consuming it is, it is better to be rejected with constructive feedback than ignored. Here are the key reasons why you should provide interview feedback:

Brand reputation

People talk. And it doesn’t take long for your reputation to be tarnished through word of mouth, social media or online review sites about a candidates interview experience.

Negative reviews can have an irreversible effect to your company’s reputation, and it is best to take 5-10 minutes out of your day providing feedback to avoid this.

Candidate value

It is important to make your interviewees feel valued and not feel like just another face in the process.

They have invested their own time to prepare for your interview, especially with any tests or presentations that may be required. The least you can do is thank the interviewee for the time spent and provide honest feedback. It allows them to understand why they may not be the right for your law firm at present and how they can improve going forward.

This makes sure that no future bridges are burnt and the interviewee, although disappointed, feels valued and respected.

Future opportunities

We are in a candidate short market, so recruitment is not just about the quick wins but about building long lasting relationship with lawyers who you are comfortable enough to keep in talent pools. Just because an interviewee wasn’t right for a particular role, does not mean they will not be perfect for a future opportunity. 

From our perspective, it’s often awkward if our clients provide no explanation as to why one of our candidates was unsuccessful after interview. We are left to pick up the pieces so not to hinder any future relationship between both parties.

In summary

Above are a few reasons why feedback should be a compulsory task. Candidates may resent you as a company if you fail to inform them why they were rejected. You may not feel that providing interview feedback is the best use of your time, but it pays off in the long run.

Feedback increases the job seekers experience with your firm, it portrays that you value and appreciate the time they have given up for you and on the whole helps build a positive employer brand.

Thornton Legal is a specialist legal recruiter, connecting law firms with the best legal talent across the North West, West Yorkshire and West Midlands. We focus on long term relationships built on honesty, trust and communication.

We regularly recruit for international, national, Legal 500, regional and boutique law firms, and our approach is based on quality over quantity. We consult, support and advise but, ultimately, the choice is always yours.

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