Why do law firms lose good staff?

The success of Thornton Legal is built on the number of placements we make, the more the merrier!

Having said that, our aim is to give good advice rather than chase quick fees. We always ask our candidates if they have let their current firm know their concerns, before such a big decision as moving jobs is made. It is important to have those internal conversations first and only then can a fully informed decision be made.

So why do law firms lose good staff, often to a direct competitor? These are some of the common complaints that we hear:


New recruits should be set up for success from day one. This is a non-negotiable. 


Lack of training is one of the most commonly heard reasons for someone wanting to move firms. Often promises are made but not delivered on. It’s no surprise that employees get fed up and contact recruiters.


Creating a positive culture is a must, our thoughts are that the right culture comes above salary in most cases. Who wants to come to work everyday into negative working environment? The culture of a firm comes from the top and it need to be worked at. Partners and Directors take note.

Work life balance

Law firms not offering some degree of flexible working will loose out in the war for legal talent. Click here for a previous blog on this topic.

Progression/growth opportunities

Every firm should give employees the opportunity for advancement, whether that’s up the career ladder or additional training so their day to day job becomes more varied and interesting. No-one wants to do they same job day in day out for years on end!

Managing Change

The legal sector is going through a turbulent time, with mergers and acquisition happening on a regular basis. How these events are communicated internally go a long way to ensuring that employees don’t decide to move on to a more ‘stable’ environment.

Retaining employees is particularly important given the skills gap in the legal sector. It has been reported recently that the cost of recruitment is an eye watering £30,000 on average! So, please do your best to keep your employees happy, at least the ones you don’t want to lose.

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